Stylish Female Packing List for Spain in Winter: December, January & February

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Deciding on a packing list for Spain in winter shouldn’t be a chore as Spain can be a delight during the colder months.

Parts of Spain will be relatively cold during this time, but areas such as Andalusia are well known for less chilly temperatures around Christmas than the rest of the county. Of course figuring out to pack for Spain in winter depends on the location you’re visiting.

If visiting the mountains you’ll need to pack warmer boots, pants and make sure your jacket is insulated. If visiting the South you’ll still need your warm clothing but depending on your tolerance for cold you can opt for jeans, cute boots and less bulky jackets.

The below packing list is aimed towards a 2-5 week trip, and slightly less clothes will be needed if only visiting for a week. Read on the find out what to wear in Spain in winter.


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When to Visit Spain: Weather and Seasons

Packing list for Spain in Fall (September, October, November): Fall is a beautiful time to visit Spain, with the leaves on the trees changing colors and more comfortable temperatures embracing the country after a warm summer. Temperatures vary wildly depending if you’re on the month and location you’re visiting and can be between 5-26C / 41-79F.

Packing list for Spain in Winter (December, January, February): You’ll find cold, but manageable temperatures in Spain during winter, especially down South. In the north and centre of Spain it can be a bit chillier but no where near as cold as northern Europe. Expect temperatures around 3-12 c / 37-54F, with January being the coldest. Read on for your Spain winter packing list.

Packing list for Spain in Spring (March, April, May): Like pretty much any country, Spring is undoubtedly one of the prettier times to visit Spain. Depending if you’re visiting closer to winter or summer, expect temperatures of 5-22C / 41-72F.

Packing list for Spain in Summer (June, July, August): Summer in Spain reaches high temperatures so much so that some businesses shut down for some of the period. Temperatures will easily sit around 35C/ 95F for much of the summer.


What to Wear in Spain in Winter

How to Dress for Winter in Spain

  • Boots: Like mentioned above, the area you’re visiting will dictate how warm your boots need to be. If visiting the mountains and the north you’ll want something insulated, but for Central and the South you’ll be okay with regular boots.
  • Socks – Bring a few pairs to stick in your boots on colder days.
  • Flats or Sneakers: Bring one pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes for warmer days.
  • Underwear & Bras: This is a personal choice but I’d recommend utilising your sink so you can bring less than 1 per day of visit. For a 2-4 week trip with hand washing you could pack 5x underwear and 4 x bras.
  • Scarf, gloves & Beanie x 1-2: The scarf and gloves are not as necessary if visiting the south, but pack a beanie / woollen hat regardless.
  • Bottoms x 3-4 pairs: Jeans and warmer pants will suit you fine. You could also pack a skirt and match it with warmer stockings if traveling lower Spain.
  • Tops x 3-5
  • Cardigans and or pullover x 1-3
  • Coats x 1-2
  • Dresses x 1-3: Pair with stockings or leggings, or swap out for additional tops.
  • Leggings or stockings x 2


What to Pack for Spain in Winter: Other Items


The most important things to pack are your international adapter and your camera gear. As part of your camera gear remember to bring your camera and any lenses you’ll need, 1-3 batteries, charger and 2-3 memory cards at 8-16gb.

I also like to bring a portable battery charger wherever I go in case my phone dies on route.

Makeup and Toiletries:

With colder temperatures pack a travel sized moisturizer alongside the make up you choose. You will want to stick to the basics if you’re trying to keep weight down. Apart from that make sure you pack your toothbrush, and travel sized bottles of toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

Oh, and don’t forget your deodorant!

First aid kit:

While I’m not one to recommend bringing a complete first aid kit, a few supplies wont hurt. If you’re prone to headaches or tummy aches, bring a small medicine packet with you and anything else can be bought in Spain when needed.

Important Things:

I can’t overstate how important it is to have more than one bankcard with you in case your first choice isn’t accepted by the ATM / bank. I like to bring one MasterCard and one Visa, and of course remember to notify your bank that you’ll be overseas.

I’d also recommend making photocopies of your passport and leaving one with a family member, and one somewhere safe in your luggage in case your passport gets stolen.


You’ll be fine in Spain with either a suitcase or a backpack. If rain is projected for the time you’re visiting you may be more comfortable taking a backpack. On the other hand its easier to access and fit winter clothes into a suitcase.


What About Travel Insurance? | Spain Packing List for Winter

I personally use World Nomads as my travel insurer and they’re yet to let me down. I’ve used them in the past to claim on a stolen Go Pro and a water damaged computer so I’m quite happy with the choice to use them.

Travel insurance can also help you incase of lost baggage and most importantly medical expenses if something bad happens on your trip. Thank god I have never needed to claim for medical expenses but I feel much more secure knowing I have that option available if needed.

Here is the link for the website if you want to see prices, or you can use the box above.


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