These days there’s so many beautiful girls on Instagram visiting a new country every week and looking effortlessly stylish while doing it. They look like models, are constantly wearing different outfits and are normally gazing off into the distance (#peoplefrombehind).

While I can’t promise to transform you into one of those girls – let’s face, most of us don’t have the money or brand handouts to make that possible – I can help you upkeep your own personal style while on holiday.

There’s too much advice out there that tells you to ditch the make up, the cute outfits and embrace unflattering travel clothing. While that advice might be great for some, some of us just really don’t want to choose only one lipstick to pack or live in fisherman pants 24/7.



Hence I’ve decided to create Stylish Packing Lists, a website that encourages (all) women to keep their personal style in mind when going abroad. As a frequent leisure traveler I can’t afford to ditch my style as I’ll loose it all together, so I’ve found ways to make sure I can keep it alive on the road. I hope what I’ve learnt over the past 8 years of traveling can help you pack smarter and keep your personal style alive while travelling as well.

On Stylish Packing Lists you’ll find packing lists for various countries and types of holidays, as well as product reviews to help you decided what to bring, and what to leave behind. Enjoy the site!


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Stylish Packing Lists

Stylish Packing Lists for Travelers

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