Stylish Packing Lists was born out of the idea that you don’t have to give up your at-home style in order to travel the world. Our aim is to help our readers maintain their personal style without blowing the weight limits on their luggage, while not having to cringe at their travel photos.


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Advertising and Promotional Opportunities

Sponsored Content

Stylish Packing Lists may accept sponsored content if it is a good fit. A good fit meaning your product or service is related to travel gear, packing lists, fashion & style and travel sized beauty products.

Please note I strictly only accept no follow links in sponsored content, and the content will be marked as sponsored.


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Press Trips and Sponsored Experiences

Stylish Packing Lists creator Lexi is able to attend press trips and sponsored experiences if you think it would be a good fit for Stylish Packing Lists. Please keep in mind I do not write travel guides on this site, predominantly packing lists, gear reviews and what to wear guides. I have a second site called A Scenic Find which would be better suited if you’re hoping for that type of article.


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Stock Photography and Video Usage

If you see a photo on this website that you would like to use for your brand, please get in contact. Please note, not all photos on this website are taken by the author of this site (Lexi). Please be aware that this website also accepts guest posts and stock photography to enhance the quality of the articles.

Photos taken by Lexi are available for purchase, and if you are interested in a stock photo I have purchased I’ll do my best to point you to where you can enquire about it / buy it.

Please be aware that photos taken by this author are protected by copyright law, and anyone found using these images without permission will be contacted by my lawyer to reach a settlement. Images are monitored by two copyright protection sites, which scan the internet for these images. You have been warned.


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Speaking & Presentations

Lexi is available to speak on the topics of:

  • Packing & travel style
  • Travel Photography
  • Travel: I have over ten years of travel experience including solo, partnered, group trips and sponsored travel.
  • Blogging: After 3 years of blogging through my travel blog They Get Around (now closed to focus on niche sites), I’ve worked with a large amount of tourism brands (press trips, sponsored content, sponsored experiences) and have a lot of experience in the industry. I specifically have extensive knowledge in SEO and organisation, which is what I focus on in my niche sites.


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