Stylish Hawaii Packing List in Winter: November to April

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Wondering what to pack for Hawaii? This packing list will provide you with tips and ideas on what to wear and pack for the dry season in Hawaii. Hawaii in winter is not without its challenges, with high chances you’ll encounter atleast a few hours of rain on your holiday. However with a bit of wet weather planning you’ll ensure you’ll be covered for whatever the weather throws at you.

This packing list is aimed at a 1-2 week trip in Hawaii. I encourage you to keep your luggage light and use the laundry facilities at your hotel so you save on airline baggage fees.


When to Visit Hawaii: Weather and Seasons

How to dress for Hawaii in Winter / rainy season (November, December, January, February, March, April): Hawaii is famous for its rain so it cannot be helped, but you can prepare for it by wearing a rain jacket and a rain cover for your bags when you travel during this season. And if the weather suggests it may rain while you’re hiking, make sure you wear closed shoes instead of sandals so you don’t struggle once the path gets muddy.

It’s an unwritten rule that an umbrella is a must during this time – especially considering that you’ve got to make the most of your holiday no matter the weather. Temperatures are normally in the mid 60’s to low 80’s F / 15-29 C.

How to dress for Hawaii in Summer / dry season (May, June, July, August, September, October): Summer is also known as the dry season so it’s pretty hot most of the time. But don’t worry, wear sunscreen and dress appropriately and you’ll be fine. The temperatures are anywhere between 70-80F (21–27C) depending on when you decide to go, with highs in mid 80s F / 34 C.

Hurricane season occurs during this period, but you probably won’t be affected because they are often offshore. Just make sure that you check the weather predictions before you decide to go. Bring lightweight clothes or moisture-wicking fabrics for the heat and bring sandals and swimwear because there will be plenty of beach and ocean activities for you to experience.


What to Wear in Hawaii in Winter

How to dress for Hawaii in Winter / rainy season:

  • 1 pair of sneakers (or hiking boots if tackling some harder hikes): I recommend one pair as shoes can take up a bit of space in your luggage
  • 1 pair of flipflops
  • 1-2 pairs of sandals
  • 1 pair of boots: perfect for evenings when you want to look more put together
  • 1 pair of water shoes: if you wear these while swimming.
  • 2 plastic ponchos: for when the rains are a-coming
  • 4-7 pairs of underwear
  • 3-5 bras
  • 2-3 swimsuits
  • 3-7 tops: tanks and tees are fine but make sure 1-2 are long sleeved for colder nights
  • 2-3 dresses
  • 1-2 pairs of pants: it wont get too cold but make sure you bring atleast one pair
  • 2 pairs of leggings: if you hike in these / wear these normally
  • 1-3 pairs of shorts/ skirts
  • 1-2 pullovers / sweaters: for when it gets chilly
  • 1 x rain jacket
  • 1-2 pairs of pajamas
  • 1 hat
  • 2-4 pairs of socks
  • 1 x jacket: something to jazz up your outfit on evenings or early mornings
  • 1 x umbrella
  • Waterproof bag cover if you’re taking a backpack for when the rains hit
  • 1-2 towels: your hotel will likely have towels but often they don’t let you take them on the beach, so pack atleast one for beach days


What to Pack for Hawaii in Winter: Other Items


Travel Insurance for Hawaii

Travel insurance is an important part of every trip as it gives you piece of mind incase anything goes wrong. Each company normally has different plan levels depending on the coverage you need. This also applies to excess, which is the amount you’ll pay out of your own money before the insurance kicks in.

I use World Nomads as my travel insurance company as I’ve found them to be reliable, transparent and have received good customer service in the past. You can find out more about them by visiting their website or you can try out their quote function above.


Safety and Health in Hawaii

Hawaii, as part of the USA is pretty safe and you’ll be able to expect a lot of similarities between here and the mainland safety and healthwise. You’ll find it relatively easy to access healthcare and buy medicine on the islands. The bigger islands ofcourse will have a bigger selection medicine and doctor wise than the smaller ones.

Violent crime is not a massive cause for concern on the islands. Just keep your normal precautions and don’t leave your personal belongings without supervision and make use of the safes or lockers at your hotel for your valuables.

The major weather event to be aware of are serious storms and hurricanes, however these don’t happen often. Still, its good practice to check the weather predictions before your trip and change your plans if something big is foreseen.  Speaking of nature, make sure you are careful while swimming at the beaches around the islands and always swim between the flags. On non-patrolled beaches keep an eye out for rips and it can never hurt to google conditions before visiting.

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