Packing List for South Korea in Spring: March, April, May

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Find out what to pack for South Korea in Spring with this stylish packing list.

If you’ve decided to visit South Korea in March, April or May you may just have picked the best time to visit the country. With pleasant weather and flowers filling up the streets its the perfect time to enjoy a holiday to this island nation. No snow and no sweltering heat.

This packing list covers March, April and May, however it should be noted that temperatures can be quite different in Spring depending on which month you’ll visit. If you’re visiting close to winter, you’ll still want to bring a warm coat. Like-wise, if visiting closer to summer, you’ll want to avoid packing any heavy items of clothing as you’ll start to suffer once the humidity rises.


In our South Korea packing list post you’ll find:

  • A brief overview of seasons,
  • A packing list guide to keep you stylish and comfortable,
  • A few tips and suggestions for your visit.


When to Visit South Korea: Weather & Seasons

  • Weather and what to wear in Summer in South Korea (June, July, August): Summer in South Korea gets quite hot, and the thing that’ll get you sweating is the high humidity. Your best bets are moisture-wicking materials or light weight materials. Dresses are probably going to be the most comfortable, allowing air to circulate better. I did not believe a place could be hotter than Australia (where I’m from), but South Korea honestly felt worse in the summer with its higher humidity, so be prepared.  Temperatures of 18-29C / 64-84F, but its the humidity that will get you. Bring an handheld electronic fan.
  • Weather and what to wear to Korea in Winter (December, January, February): Winter can get quite cold and you may even time your visit with the annual snow. -7 to 5C and 19-41F is what to expect temperature wise so get some study, non slippery boots and a warm coat, as well as a scarf, beanie and gloves. If you struggle in the cold see if you can find a stick on heat pack in the chemist. A couple gave me one to stick to my stomach and I was nice and toasty all day. See the winter packing list here
  • Weather and what to pack in Spring in South Korea (March, April, May): Spring begins the hasty goodbye of winter cold. It  makes for a pretty place to visit with cherry blossoms and other beautiful flowers filling up the streets and national parks. Temperatures will be around 7-28C / 44-84F depending on which month you visit. Read on to find out what to wear in South Korea in Spring.
  • Weather and packing in Autumn in South Korea (September, October, November): Autumn, much like Spring, is in the pleasant in between stage temperature wise. Temperatures range from 2 to 26C / 35-78F depending on what month you’re visiting. If visiting in September a light jacket will do for the evenings, but bring a full length coat instead if visiting in November.


What to Wear in South Korea in Spring

How to dress for spring in Korea:

  • 1 pair of boots
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • 3-4 pairs of socks: depending on what shoes you’ve chosen
  • 4-8 pairs of underwear
  • 2-4 bras
  • 1-3 pairs of long pants: if visiting close to summer one pair will suffice
  • 1-2 pairs of leggings
  • 1-3 pairs of shorts / skirts
  • 4-7 tops: a mix of long and short sleeved will work
  • 1-3 dresses
  • 1 cardigan or light jacket
  • 1 pair of stockings: for colder days to wear under your dresses or skirts
  • If visiting in the March, add these items to your list:
    • 1 warm coat
    • 1-2 beanies / woollen hats
    • 1 pair of gloves
    • 1 scarf
  • 1 umbrella (or buy in South Korea if it rains)


What to Pack for South Korea in Spring: Other Items


Where to Stay in South Korea in Spring

  • Seoul
    • Budget: Birdsnest Hostel Hongdae is a good choice for budget travelers looking for a dorm or cheap private room. Find more information here.
    • Midrange: Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun is a great choice for staying in central Seoul. Starting at around 120 a night the hotel is centrally located and close to the subway, plus the buffet breakfast is great. Find more details here, or read the full review of the hotel over here.
    • Luxury: For a splurge, much like what I suggest for Busan, I recommend trying Korean brand Lotte Hotel. I love trying local owned or started hotels when visiting a country. Find out more about Lotte Hotel Seoul here.
    • For more accommodation options in Seoul, do a search here.
  • Busan
    • Budget: Situated close to a subway, Kimchee Busan Original Guesthouse is one of the cheaper dorms available with good reviews in the city. Find out more here.
    • Midrange: SOYU Hotel is a good choice for those with a mid-range budget. It’s close to the subway and Busan tower. Find more details here.
    • Luxury: Lotte Hotel Busan is a good option for a splurge being close to a shopping mall, the subway and many of Busan’s sites. The hotel offers an all inclusive plan, a mini golf course and a fitness centre. See the hotel here.
  • For other cities take a look over on Hotels Combined: visit the website here.

Don’t Forget to Pack Travel Insurance | South Korea Packing List for Spring

I recommend World Nomads for travel insurance as I love that its easy to get a quote online without having to chat with anyone. I also have appreciated that my insurance claims have been pretty straight forward when I’ve had items stolen in the past. World Nomads is also great if you’re going on a longer trip, such as backpacking around Asia and you can get one policy to cover you for the whole trip.

The main thing you want coverage for in an insurance policy is health care, so you want bankrupt yourself or your family is something bad happens. Apart from that read through their coverage on theft and lost luggage and check if you have to adjust your coverage for higher priced items.


Packing List for South Korea: Safety and Health

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From my experience South Korea feels like a very safe place. The people are also helpful if you ask for directions or if they can take a photo of you. It’s easy enough with a bit of googling to get around by public transport and I felt safe wandering around with a (girl) friend and even on my own when I went on a solo trip there.

The language barrier may make things a little complicated if you need to get medicine but I found using Google translate or showing a picture helped in the pharmacies. I didn’t have to see the doctor on either trip so I have no advice there other than to ask your receptionist if you need to see one. Chances are they’ll speak a bit of English and they can point you in the right direction.


Popular Day Tours in Spring in South Korea




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