Stylish Female Packing List for France in Fall / Autumn: September, October & November

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Packing list for France in Fall: The third-largest country in Europe, France is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. The country has numerous tourists’ attractions starting with Paris, famously known as the city of love. Apart from being a romantic getaway, Paris is the capital city of France and is known for great shopping, patisseries, classical art museums including the Louvre, and monuments like the Eiffel Tower.

Putting Paris aside, the rest of the country is known for its wines and sophisticated cuisine, spectacular Mediterranean beaches, alpine villages, romantic language and so much more. It’s no wonder that according to the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) France has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for over 25 years.

Read on to find exactly what to pack for France in Fall / Autumn. This France packing list is perfect for a 1-2 week trip, but if you’re going for longer it’ll also work if you use your hotel’s laundry facilities.


When to Visit France: Weather and Seasons

France weather is generally temperate climate. The climate is mostly formed under Atlantic’s influence making the country have four climate zones. The zones include Atlantic, Alpine, Continental and the Mediterranean. Although there are different zones, the country generally enjoys cool winters and mild summers, except for the Mediterranean areas where mild winters and hot summers are experienced.

Spring in France (March, April, and May): Spring is considered the most romantic season in France. The weather is pleasant throughout the three months although you can expect variable weather in the month of March, due to the seasonal transition. The north of the country is known to experience cool weather, with the south region experiencing mild to chilly weather. April is usually warm throughout with temperatures ranging from 13C to 17C (55-62F). Now is the time to indulge in stylish coats, cute shoes and stockings.

Summer in France (June, July, and August): Summer is the most ideal season for tourists. It has pleasant weather with June and August being warm throughout the country. However, some mountain areas experience cool weather, such as Mont-Blanc which is covered with snow all year round. The temperature is usually 25C / 77F. Think summer dresses, sandals and sunscreen.

Fall in France (September, October, and November): Fall in France officially starts after 21st September. However, most locals consider the season to start when the student holidays come to an end and school reopens. Nonetheless, if you are not tied by any job or school, Fall is the best time to visit France especially in the southern part of the country. Temperatures are similar to Spring so make sure you bring a light to medium warmth jacket depending on your tolerance of the cold.

Winter in France (December, January, and February): France in winter is quite different from other European countries. It mostly experiences rain rather than snow, meaning you’ll often find locals carrying umbrella (pick yourself a cute one). The temperature rarely drops to zero making it a perfect vacation season for those who love to do some exploring. In winter you’ll want to pull out a heavier coat, jeans and embrace your favourite black boots and woollen hats.


What to Wear in France in Fall

How to Dress for France in Fall

  • 1-2 x flats: the weather’s not too cold that you have to wear boots all the time
  • 1 pair of boots: great for keeping your feet warm on colder days. Pick something classic, or zazzy.
  • 1 pair of sneakers: only bring these if you’ll use them for daily use or have a few hikes planned. If you’re using a backpack you can tie these onto the outside while wandering around France. Otherwise, ignore.
  • 4-5 x socks if bringing sneakers
  • 6-10 pairs of underwear
  • 3-5 bras
  • Cardigan / sweater x 1-2: Have one that is a little warmer if you’re not going to bring a coat as well
  • 1-2 x jacket/ coat: time to bring out your trench coat and one cute jacket for evenings
  • Tops x 4-7: Bring a mix of long and short sleeves
  • Dresses x 1-3
  • Sleepwear
  • Pants x 2-4
  • Leggings x 1-2: Great for hikes
  • Stockings x 1-2: Wear them underneath dresses and skirts
  • 1x beanie / woollen hat
  • 1x scarf


What to Pack for France in Fall: Other Items

Makeup & Toiletries

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Regular makeup kit: Mostly carry lip gross, eye shadow, lipstick, setting powder among others
  • Wipes
  • Tissue paper
  • Deodorant
  • Solid shampoo or travel friend shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair products


  • Phone and charger
  • Digital camera and lenses- If you can only afford one lens go for the wide-angle lenses.
  • 2 or 3 8GB Memory cards- This will help you out in case one memory card fails or gets lost.
  • International adapter for power points.
  • Camera’s charger and batteries
  • Portable battery to charge a phone or a camera.


  • Pain killers
  • Anti-acid medicine
  • Prescribed medicine- remember to carry the prescription in case you require a refill 


  • Suitcase- It is the most ideal for traveling as you will be able to put all your things in one place
  • Backpack- If you are not carrying a lot of things, a backpack is suitable for you
  • Belt or Neck Wallet- To keep your documents especially your passport, cash and credit cards safe, the belt wallet is better than putting your wallet in your pocket. If you prefer to hide the wallet, a neck wallet is more ideal for you

Everything Else 

  • 2 bank cards such as a Master Card and a Visa card
  • A lock for your suitcase or bag as well as a dorm lock
  • Photocopies of your documents such as passport incase theft happens

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance


Travel insurance provides a wide variety of benefits for travelers all over the world. Since as a tourist sometimes bad things happens; it offers financial recovery for medical expenses in case you fall sick or have an accident. Another benefit is that it provides protection against delays or cancellation of trips. Theft and loss of luggage are also often covered by the travel insurance policy.

When it comes to different types of policies, comprehensive travel insurance is ideal since it covers the above misfortunes. However, before paying for any policy make sure you do some research to determine what is included in a cover. From the activities you will indulge in, it is important to know if the activities are covered by the travel insurance policy.

Note that, not all insurance plan make payment directly to providers, others reimburse you later for some overseas health expenditures. Therefore ensure you know which plan you have paid for and always carry extra cash for any emergency medical expenses.

Packing List for France: Safety and Health

France is generally a safe place. It is ranked 58th out of 162 on the safest and most dangerous countries ranking. As a top tourist destination, pickpocketing is a serious problem in France. Another crime on the rise is scammers and con-artists especially in major cities such as Paris or Marseilles.

To avoid these incidents, tourists are advised to stay alert when they are traveling on airports, train stations, public transport, outdoor cafes, restaurant, and public beaches.

Healthcare in France is one of universal health care largely financed by the government national health insurance. Therefore, healthcare in the country is considered excellent and is open to all. Although English is not the country first language, many doctors and medical attendants speak English.

If while on the road you experience any issues, they’re a lot of pharmacies situated in the cities and small towns. The staff are trained to attend to a variety of minor medical needs. However, if the situation is serious, they will call an ambulance for you. Note that, most pharmacies are courteous enough that when they are closed, they usually list on the door the name of another open pharmacy situated in the neighborhood.


Popular Day Tours for Fall in France

Louvre Museum in Paris (skip the line)

Take a 1.5-3 hour tour and visit the world’s largest art museum. The museum is home to the famous Mona Lisa. Apart from the stunning picture, visit the apartments of Napoleon III and admire the spectacular interiors of the palace. The palace basement is also an interesting place to visit since you will get to see the foundation of the castle that once stood on the site. See how much it costs here.

French Riviera Tour

Take a full-day trip and experience the superb harbor of Villefranche-sur-Mer as well as the exceptional site of Jean Cap Ferrat. After that, the tour guide will take you to the medieval village of Eze where you will get a free guided tour of the Fragonard perfumery.  The next stop will be the independent state in the Cote d’ Azure which is known as the principality of Monaco.

Monte Carlo and Cannes, which is known as the city of stars, are also spectacular places to visit. See the latest prices and more information here.


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