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Need to find the best gifts for friends going traveling but not sure where to start to find something they’ll love?

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to know what to buy anyone, let alone a friend who loves traveling.


Because with travelers, not only do you not know if they already have it or if they like it, but will it fit in their luggage?

Even if you are buying a gift for a first-time traveler, a key is to get something either unique or super useful. So, before you overwhelm yourself with all the possibilities, I have compiled the best travel gift ideas for your friends no matter your budget.


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Best Travel Gifts in-between $30-$100


Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

Designed specifically for airplane seats, your friends will travel comfortably no matter where in the plane they’re sitting with a Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow. By holding the neck in an ergonomic position when sleeping, it means they won’t wake up with a sore neck. It also will keep them comfortable on buses, trains and even as an extra pillow when they’re sleeping in a hotel.

Another awesome feature is that the pillow can be squeezed into a travel bag for simple storage. Therefore, if you want to bring some comfort to your friend’s neck no matter which seat they take; buy them a Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow.

See the latest prices here.


Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger

Ever found yourself trying to maneuver in a new city with a GPS location on your phone when suddenly the phone died? What was your next move? If you had packed a portable charger then good for you, if not, then maybe you had to go back to the hotel to charge your phone.

To avoid that happening to any of your travel friends, one of the best gifts to buy them is an Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger. The charger will come in hand in case the phone battery runs low. Additionally, it’s so small that they can keep it in their pocket next to the phone.

See how much it is here.


Hydro flask 32 oz Water Bottle

Unlike the regular water bottle, the Hydro flask 32 oz Water Bottle is a perfect travel gift. Hydro flask water bottle is made of a double vacuum insulator, and keeps drinks hot (6 hours) or cold (24 hours). Ideal for any weather, the bottle will also maintain a consistent temperature without adding any weight.

That means, if snowboarding on a cold day on the mountains or enjoying a day out on the beach, the bottle will come in handy no matter which drinks they are taking.

See different colours here.


Bullseye Office – Magnetic World Globe

Ideal for first-time travelers as well as frequent travelers, this Bullseye Office Magnetic World Globe is such a cool travel gift. Your first-time travel friend will pin their first destination while the frequent travelers can pin all the places they have visited before.

With 30 metal magnetic pins of various colors, it will be easy to pin where they have been with one specific color. In addition, they can also pin with another color their next destination.

Find the cheapest prices here.


GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle

For those friends who love outdoor adventures, backpacking, hiking or camping, the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier is the ideal gift for them. Fast and easy to use, all that is required is to fill the bottle with the stream water and drink after 15 seconds.

By purifying any water from all over the world, you will be assured that your friends will stay healthy thus get to enjoy their adventure.

See the latest prices on Amazon here.


Scrubba Wash Bag

One of the world’s smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel accessories, the scrubba wash bag is perfect for backpackers and campers. This convenient, pocket-sized travel bag will make washing clothes so much easier and cleaner.

Therefore, if your friends find themselves camping for days near a stream, they will save time and water and in the end, stay clean. Another benefit of the scrubba wash bag is that there is no need to pack as much clothing.

Buy it here.


Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet

Not everyone is comfortable sleeping on the sheets found in hostels and hotels. If you have that kind of friend, then you can jump in and buy them the Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet. It is extremely lightweight and roomy. These versatile sheets are also excellent as a warm-weather sleeping bag or a rectangular sleeping bag liner.

That’s not all though, the sheets can also be used for other purposes such as when on the train, plane, alpine huts, and boats. Additionally, the silk is soft against the skin and responds well to changing temperatures which will enable your friend to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Check it out here for more details.


Casio Men’s G SHOCK Quartz Watch

Suitable for that friend who’s always traveling on business, you will not go wrong in gifting them a Casio Men’s G SHOCK Quartz Watch. With a stainless steel strap, the watch automatically adjusts itself when the user enters different time zones. The watch also stands out for its tough design that has 10-meter free-fall endurance and 10 bar water resistance.

Moreover, the watch was designed with a shock-resistant structure that includes a hollow-structure case all protective covering. Finally, it has a cushioning material to protect critical parts. Note that, the battery is meant to last for 10 years.

See how affordable it is here.



Best Travel Gifts in-between $101-$200


The Friendly Swede Weekender Bag

If you have that one friend who is always planning a weekend getaway, the swede weekender bag is a thoughtful gift. Made of durable nylon, the bag is stylish and classic.

Apart from looking and feeling amazing, the bag is also water repellent and is easy to wipe making it very low maintenance. Moreover, the bag can also be used when going on a short business trip, the gym, or even when shopping.

See the best prices here.


Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift for any friend who can’t travel without a book or two. The Kindle is so light and can be stored hundreds of books – many of them free. A hundred percent waterproof, it will be easier to read on while relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

Furthermore, the built-in adjustable lights will enable them to read while indoors or outdoors, day and night. The best part is, once charged; the battery will last for weeks giving them access to not only a lot of eBooks, but also audiobooks.

Purchase it here.


COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

COWIN SE7 active noise cancelling headphones are multi-purposed headphones ideal for not airplane noise but also city traffic. When your friends put it on, they will be able to relax with their music, movies or podcasts.

As you know, the wireless headphones are engineered to sound better with every note sounding clear.  Apart from providing comfort, the headphones are also easy to pack and your friends will love you for the peace and quiet.

See the best prices on Amazon here.


Osprey Packs Renn Travel Backpacks

It’s certain that they are many backpacks on the market and it might be a bit hard to choose the right one. Nonetheless, as you think of that amazing friend who always carries a massive backpack through the airport, you know it’s time for a change. The Osprey Renn 50, and its slightly bigger cousin the Renn 65 have room for both clothes and a laptop or tablet.

With multiple access points, your friend will pack all the necessary big and small items in an organised way. Best of all, the padded top and side handle provide a comfortable carry.

See prices for the 65L and the 50L backpack.


Garmin eTrex 30x, Handheld GPS Navigator

Everyone has that friend that likes venturing off the beaten path. If you have anyone in mind, then the best travel gift to buy them is Garmin eTrex 30 xs, Handheld GPS Navigator. With enhanced screen resolution and expanded internal memory, the GPS will hold more maps.

Additionally, the navigator comes with a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter meaning they don’t have to move around to receive an accurate reading. Moreover, due to its long battery life, navigating will be easy no matter the weather condition or the forest cover.

Find the best deal here.


Moment Wide Lens for Smartphones

To put a smile on your friend who loves taking photos, the Moment Wide Lens for Smartphones is the way to go. Compatible with almost any device, the lens will capture beautiful, crisp and straight photos or videos. Let your friend get the whole scene while exploring new places and capture a wider view of interiors or the full height of the skyscrapers.

For more enhanced photographs, the product offers a whole kit of different sizes to cater for professional photographers on the move. That said the Moment Wide Lens is the best travel gift for capturing special moments for that friend who doesn’t have a camera.

Find out how much it is here and learn about more features.


TUMI Province Passport Case Holder

As a passport holder, I believe that you want to carry and protect your passport at all times. What about that friend who has just acquired a passport for the first time? Gift them with a TUMI Province Passport Case Holder to protect their passport too.

A hundred percent leather, the case has an additional pocket and several card slots to keep essential travel items together. What’s more, it looks very good and will fit easily into the luggage compartments.

See more details and the price here.


RAY-BAN Sunglasses

Summer vacations tend to brighten people up and your friends are no exception when they plan for that summertime trip. To ensure they feel like superstars while on the beach, buy them the classic Ray-Ban sunglasses that has an iconic look, shape, and style. Apart from being comfortable and fashionable, the sunglasses also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

The glasses are also lightweight, yet have durable acetate frames that come in different colors. Aside from the size options readily available to choose from, the glasses have flash lenses effect. The effects provide extra protection from reflective surfaces like water, snow or ice.

See the best price for authentic Raybans here.


High Sierra AT8 26″ Wheeled Duffel Upright

Give your road friend a High Sierra AT8 26″ Wheeled Duffel Upright for an easy trip. Built for comfort and convenience, they will be able to easily drag along the 2-wheeled bag with its retractable handle. The multiple compartments will come in handy when packing all their items.

On top of that, the duffel converts into a convenient backpack ideal when traveling on rough terrain. Last but not least, since the bag is made with thick durable fabric, it will truly last for a long time.

See the best price by clicking here.


Airbnb Gift Card

Do you have that one friend who is always planning a trip but never gets to go because of different reasons? Then Airbnb Gift Card is awesome gift to get them. Apart from using it for accommodation, it is also great for activities if they choose to do some exploring.

The credits usually range from $25 to $500 and don’t expire, which means your friend has all the time to plan for the trip.  Note that, although it’s a great gift, the Gift Card can only be purchased by or gifted to friends in the United States.

Click here to learn more about the gift card.


Best Travel Gifts above $201


Arc’teryx Atom Lt Hoody

Appropriate for your couple friend, the Arc’teryx Atom Lt Hoody will save bag space because of its versatility. Suitable for a day out hiking or a chilly night on the city, the hoody is lightweight while still providing warmth. Insulated and quick-drying with a bit of style, the hoody is one of the best travel gifts for staying warm.

See the latest prices and colours here.


White + Warren Women’s Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf

Let’s face, women love to look stylish in any weather. Therefore, with the Warren Women’s Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf, your frequent travel friend will be classy while still warm. Although it is used as a scarf, it’s also great to cuddle under it on a plane and wear it around as a shawl.

The quality is great and the color is rich and the material is super soft. What’s more, it can be hand washed and doesn’t lose its softness. Keep in mind, although it’s a bit pricey, it’s an incredible travel gift and your friend will forever thank you for it.

See the latest price here.


GoPro HERO 8 Black

The GoPro HERO 8 Black is the most advanced GoPro ever. By automatically delivering the most brilliant images and mind-blowing film, this amazing camera is great for your friend who likes to take action photos. The camera has waterproof housing to protect it from the elements and any water-centric activities.

On top of that, with live streaming and the GoPro app, your friend will be able to share every amazing moment as they live it. Therefore, if you have that particular friend who likes documenting their travels, the GoPro HERO 8 Black is the perfect gift for them.


Macbook Air 13inch

A Macbook Air (13inch) is a great travel laptop to spoil your favorite business traveler. The laptop is powerful, lightweight, and durable. The text is so sharp and clear that the user will feel like they are reading documents, emails, and websites on a printed page. Equipped with advanced security, all they will be required is to place the finger on the Touch ID Sensor and immediately the laptop will unlock.

Additionally, the fingerprint is also used to access locked documents, notes and system settings.  With touch ID, be assured their private information stays secure.

See the latest price here.


DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone

Though it is quite pricey, this particular will be worth that friend who likes making Youtube videos and taking aerial photos. By taking photos and videos to the next level, the drone will be a huge benefit to them. With a friendly design and a compact size, it will be easy to fit the drone in a small bag.

In addition, the drone has Flight Autonomy technology to protect it from being damaged. This usually includes ultrasonic range finders and vision sensors. All of these will enable the drone to avoid obstacles providing safe, reliable, and comfortable free flight.

Buy it from the Amazon DJI store here.


ONA Bag- The Prince Street – Camera Messenger Bag

Made from robust canvas with real leather, the ONA bag is yet another cool gift you can get a traveling friend. It offers ample space for photographic equipment and would make your friend an organized photographer traveler. The Leather Prince Street bag comfortably accommodates an 11-inch laptop or tablet, a camera, up to two lenses and small personal items.

Also, the bag has a slim removable top-grab handle and a streamlined back pocket which offers additional convenience and style. Above all, the two retro clip buckets will ensure that all your friends’ valuable content is safely locked away.

Visit here to see the latest price.



As you can see, there are plenty of great gifts to surprise your traveling friends no matter their taste. The best part is that most of the gifts can be used while their traveling and at home. All in all, happy shopping!

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