The Best Luggage Scale to Meet Baggage Weight Limits

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If you’ve traveled more than once you understand that its not just about what to pack, but also how to stick to the weight limit when traveling. Especially if you’re traveling by bus or airplane. You know  that excess luggage can be a major pain in the arse and your wallet.

Not only does it make you unpack and re-pack at the airport, but it can take money away from your trip since you will be forced to pay extra luggage charges. The good news is that you don’t have to incur extra charges – you can get yourself a portable luggage scale. This way there’ll be no suprises when you reach the check in counter.


What is a Portable Luggage Scale?

A portable luggage scale is a weighing machine designed to weigh bags or suitcases while traveling. This scale works much in the same way bathroom scales do. Instead of standing on them though, portable lugggage scales work in a much better way.

The portable luggage scale is a hand-held device that has a hook where you hang your luggage so you can get an accurate measurement. It’s also small and lightweight, often fitting in the palm of your hand. There are digital and analog versions.


Importance of Having a Portable Luggage Scale

A luggage scale comes in handy to help you keep your luggage allowance at par with airport regulations. A portable luggage scale helps you pack enough items for your travel, not less not more.

Nevertheless, it helps you take only important items with you and avoid carrying unnecessary baggage. You can imagine overpacking and being overcharged, or under packing and end up wishing you had packed more. A luggage scale saves you a lot of regrets, and helps you travel with confidence.

Furthermore, having a luggage scale helps you plan your travels well. This is to say, you can make sure you don’t buy too many souvenirs, keeping in mind the maximum weight allowed by the airport authorities.

Luggage scales save you massive cash that you could have been overcharged due to excess baggage, as well as helping you to observe health and safety measures. These are carried by workers at the airport so it helps you avoid putting too much strain on them as well. Ofcourse there are times when heavy luggage is unavoidable, but travel scales can help for those times where it is controllable.

Another bonus is for yourself. Do you really want to be stuck carrying a massive suitcase around Europe knowing its only going to lead to more fees on the way home? How many nights on your current or next trip are you loosing due to these fees?

Now that we have are done looking at the importance of either the normal or digital luggage scale, how do you know which luggage scale would you best? There are many options to choose from, and to be honest, they all have similar features so its hard to go wrong in your choice. In this article, we have done the homework for you by highlighting some of the best luggage scales available in the market.


The Best Luggage Scale in the Market


The Camry Luggage Scale

Camry luggage scale is a digital scale that is silver in color. It is affordable in terms of purchase. Camry Luggage scale is adored for its great quality and good performance. It has a decent grip so you wont loose hold of it. Its strap is strong enough and can be attached to any suitcase or traveling bag without any difficulties.

Camry luggage scale has an inbuilt thermometer that aids in telling you the room temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The Camry Luggage scale also sports great features. It has 2 buttons that make it easy to be used. Its strap and clip design makes it easier to measure any kind of bag or suitcase for it grips the handles well. Let us look at its pros and cons.

Buy it here on Amazon.


  • Affordable hence any person people can own it
  • Has LCD screen that makes the readings easy to read
  • Has a strong strap which cannot break easily
  • It has an in-built thermometer that helps display the room temperature
  • The scale is lightweight thus you do not have to worry about extra weight to your luggage


  • Some models of Camry luggage scale are not backlit.


The Etekcity Hanging Digital Luggage Scale

The Etekcity digital luggage scale has proved to be a lifesaver for many travelers, saving them a massive penalty they could have paid due to excess luggage weight. The scale is amazingly accurate and gives correct readings. It integrates a strong strap and can weigh items of up to 110pounds. The Etekcity digital scale is also durable and can serve you for many years. It is lightweight and thus does not make a big difference in adding extra weight to your luggage.

Furthermore, the scale is dependable as it comes with an inbuilt lithium battery CR2032 that has a long life. One of its best features is the high sensor rubber paint technology that makes it easy and fast to use.

Find more information about it here.


  • Has a weight capacity of 110 pounds
  • Can hold the weight reading on the screen till you finish
  • Has the capability of converting metric units between pounds and kilograms
  • It has a low battery indicator this means it’s more reliable.
  • It has the capability of shutting itself down when not in use


  • Difficulty in reading under the sun for bad display
  • Larger bags can be a tussle to measure due to a small handle


 The EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

EatSmart precision voyager digital luggage scale provides accurate and reliable reading. It is small in size, simple to use and portable and therefore can be carried everywhere you go. It helps you read the weights of your luggage at an increment of 0.1 pounds. This super compact scale can measure items up to 110 pounds, which makes it reliable even for huge luggage measurement.

The EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale also has great features that make it stand out as one of the best luggage scale. Eatsmart precision voyager luggage scale has a lightweight of 5.5 ounces, which will not add a lot of weight in your luggage. It also integrates a lithium coated battery that is built-in. It has an auto shut off battery timer that shuts off the battery after every 20seconds of being idle which extends the battery life giving you an easy time during your travel.

Check it out by clicking here.


  • Has a large LCD backlit that makes reading visible
  • Has an ON/OFF switch that makes it easy to weigh the next item easily
  • It is simple to use and gives accurate readings
  • EatSmart precision has a comfortable grip


  • Its bulkier than other luggage scales
  • It does not have a tare function compared to other luggage scales.


Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Who doesn’t like fancy-looking gadgets? Kind of sounds like tardis, so perfect for travelers. Tarriss Jetsetter scale is known for its sleek and lightweight nature. The material used to manufacture it is strong and durable, thus making the scale durable too. Tarriss is made up of stainless steel top plate and its bottom plate is made of heavy plastic. It gives reliable and accurate readings. Its accuracy is 0.2 pounds and can weigh up to 110 pounds.

The scale has an LCD that makes reading easy. It has an auto-lock, that lock it after your luggage is stable, which later locks itself after 30secs, hence increasing the battery life. Furthermore, the battery has a low indicator that warns you when it’s about to go off. Tarriss Jetsetter’s digital luggage scale has many great features that make it stand out among the best digital luggage scales. It has a compact weight of 3.3 ounces, which makes it have a lightweight.

Find out more about this electronic luggage scale here.


  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight, therefore makes it portable during your travel
  • Has a Lithium battery that gives you a warning if the battery is about to go off


  • Slightly expensive compared to the scales
  • Has difficulty changing the lithium battery
  • It does not have a backlight which may lead to difficulty in reading measurements especially when its dark


The Travel Inspira Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

The Travel Inspira portable scale is easy and quick to use while packing your travel luggage for it gives you an easy time with your luggage. The scale is light, compactable and portable. This makes it pretty ideal for your travel as you can carry it anywhere. It has a great textured handgrip that makes it comfortable and firm to hold it tightly in your hand without the fear of it slipping away.

It also an auto-lock feature that makes it great in time and energy saving. It has an inbuilt thermometer that has both Fahrenheit reading and Celsius, and displays temperature in an LCD clear screen. With this scale, you can know if your luggage is in the perfect environment.

If you want to find out more, you can via this website.


  • It has a good LCD display
  • It is compact and has a lightweight body
  • Has an inbuilt thermometer that helps you read your surrounding temperature
  • Money-back guarantee to unhappy clients
  • It has a great hand grip that improves your travel experience.
  • It uses rubber paint technology


  • Low quality compared to the other luggage scales
  • Does not have light for easy reading


Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale

The Samsonite manual luggage scale is for those who like a reminder of simpler times. I got this as a present ages ago and it still sits in my travel container incase the battery runs out on my digital one. It doesn’t need a battery to run. This makes it great for your travel needs especially when you don’t have easy access to batteries.

It’s your classic black hook design, and can register 80lbs at most. So the capacity is a little less than the others, but still perfect for helping you stay under baggage limits. The design makes it portable and can fit in your purse or palm.

Find out more about it here.


  • Dunheger Digital Scale is easy to use
  • It is lightweight thus making it portable
  • It has a sleek and attractive design
  • It has a bright LCD screen display that makes readings visible.
  • It has a rich ergonomic design
  • Great functions like tare, auto-power, and auto-lock features
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Strap and buckle features look awkward


Kaistyle Digital Luggage Scale


If you are looking for a great luggage scale that is compact, accurate and has great product qualities, the Kaistyle digital luggage scale has got you covered.

Kaistyle digital luggage scale delivers its functions very well.

It has a great look from the outside that shows you it is a great product. Actually, the looks do not lie because the Kaistyle digital luggage scale gives you all the functionalities you want on a luggage scale. It is designed in a way that is user-friendly, with a single power button. The scale is capable to weigh items up to 110bs. It has an inbuilt thermometer that measures temperature both in Fahrenheit and Celsius, which is always displayed from the LCD screen that is 1.4 inches.

Kaistyle digital luggage scale has excessive usability and performance. It has a lithium battery that has a long life history. The scale comes with a one year warranty. The scale has a hook that is used to handle your luggage firmly when taking the measurements. It is a great device that is portable and lightweight.

Take a look here.


  • Kaistyle digital luggage scale has a backlight LCD display
  • It has an inbuilt lithium battery
  • The device is simple and user-friendly
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Kaistyle digital luggage has a compact feature that makes it unique
  • It is made from good quality material that makes it durable


  • It’s not your normal AA battery.


Choosing the Best Luggage Scale

By now, you may have decided you need a luggage scale in your pocket but you have no idea how to select the best one. Choosing a luggage scale should not be a hassle for you because you already know why you need it. The following points will help you choose the best luggage scale for your convenience;

  • Light Weight: One of the reasons why you are purchasing a luggage scale is to help you monitor and control the amount of weight your travel bags have. You do not need another item that is increasing this weight because you will be traveling with your luggage scale.
  • Accuracy: You need a luggage scale that is giving correct readings to avoid stress and frustrations at the airport in case your scale gave out wrong readings.
  • LCD Display: Display is a crucial point to consider while choosing a luggage scale for proper lighting and showing the numbers visibly.
  • Adjustable Strap: You need a luggage scale whose strap can be adjusted for you to be able to take measurements comfortably without straining your back.
  • Weight Converter: Different countries have the different metric measures. Some take their measurements in kgs others in lbs. Your luggage scale should be able to convert the measurements easily.
  • Shutoff: A great luggage scale should be able to automatically shut itself down while not in use. Having a long trip means you will still use your luggage scale and this saves a lot of your battery life.
  • Single scale battery: It is advisable that you choose a luggage scale that only uses one battery for the reason that, you do not need to carry a lot of batteries for changing. Single scale battery requires you to carry only one more battery. The advisable batteries are the AAA modeled.
  • Durability: You do not plan to travel only once in your lifetime, right? So, choosing a luggage scale that will be used for many years to come is a plus. Choose a luggage scale that will serve you your many trips to come.



When I was younger I preferred the non battery operated ones because I was constantly forgetting to buy batteries. However now as someone who has lived through a few storms taking out our power mid dinner, I always have batteries (and a headlamp) around. So my pick personally would be a battery operated one as I feel they’re easier to use, and worth the little bit extra cash.

When looking for a convenient portable luggage scale that has great features, it’s best to get some suggestions and do your research before settling down on one. As seen above, different luggage scales have different features that you can choose to fit your preferences and expectations.

For a portable luggage scale, it’s advisable to choose one that is lightweight and durable, to last you your whole trip and to use in your future travels. Well-organized luggage can save you from increased stress, excessive luggage fees and airport nuisance, all this credit to a great luggage scale. The above mentioned luggage scales are popular options and they will give you the best weight measurement assistance during your travels. If you are tired of paying excess luggage fees at the airport, it’s time to grab a portable, compact and easy to use luggage scale.


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